Penny kronengold
   In the Country
Apple Trees, Blue
1990-91, oil/linen, 14"x16"
  Apple Trees, Orange, Large
1992-1998, oil/linen, 30"x32"

Apple Trees English Red
1991, oil/linen, 10"x22"


Apple Trees, Horizontal
1992-95, oil/linen, 12"x24"
private collectiont

  Apple Trees, Golden
1993-95, oil/linen, 14"x16"
  Apple Trees, Red and Blue
1990-91, oil/linen, 14"x15"
Apple Trees, Orange-Larger
1990-95, oil/linen, 14"x30"
  Apple Trees-Orange
1990-93, oil/linen, 14"x16"
  Apple Trees, English Red, Early
1991, oil/linen, 10"x22"
Apple Trees, Double Square
1998, oil/linen, 18"x36"
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